S J Proudley ~ General Builder ~ Brickwork specialist

Description of work required: To convert the raised front garden into off road parking suitable for two cars. With a paved brick base, surrounding brick walls and trellis. 

Stage 1: Dig out the existing raised garden


Stage 2: Lay and build the footings and surrounding walls

The area will have the weight of two cars parked on it.  The surrounding is reinforced with breeze block to ensure it is substantial enough for support the weight of the house and neighbours garden.


Stage 3: Lay the brick paved floor

Finished driveway:


Description of Work required: Dig out front garden and lay a concrete driveway

Stage 1: Dig out the existing front garden

Stage 2: Clear and level the area

Stage 3: Lay a protective surround around the existing manhole cover

Stage 4: Ensure ground is flattened and level

Stage 5: Lay concrete

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